Lunsford Lomax

b. Nov 5, 1702

d. June 10, 1772

Burgess of Caroline County. 1742-1755. Lived at Portobago in Caroline County.

Lomax, Lunsford, of "Portobago," Caroline county, son of John Lomax, and grandson of Rev. John Lomax, M. A., of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, a Puritan divine, was born November 5, 1705, and represented Caroline county in the house of burgesses from 1742 to 1756. He married twice (first) Mary Edwards; (second) Judith Micou, and died June 10, 1772, leaving issue.

He took the minutes of the Treaty of Logstown 1752 of 1752. He was a commissioner to Lord Fairfax for marking the boundaries of the proprietary and had purchased Lawrence Washington's shares of the Ohio Company.

See James Patton and the Appalachian Colonists, pp137-38.

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