Ostenaco (Ustanakwa, or "Big Head"), who preferred to go by the warrior's title he earned at any early age, "Mankiller" (Utsidihi), also known as Judd's Friend, who lived c. 1703 – 1780,[1] was the Warrior (skiagusta) of the Cherokee town Tomotley, residing previously in Great Tellico and probably born in Great Hiwassee, finally migrating in the town of Ultiwa on Ooltewah Creek (in the modern Hamilton County, Tennessee) during the Chickamauga wars. He was known as a great orator and a leading figure in diplomacy with British colonial authorities.
During the French and Indian War, Ostenaco at first aided the Colony of Virginia against the French and the Shawnee, but later turned against his erstwhile allies along with the rest of the Cherokee. He was also involved in the Anglo-Cherokee War and the Chickamauga wars.

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