In 1756 a Royal order attached light dragoon troops to eleven dragoon regiments, much like infantry regiments created light companies in 1771. By order, dragoon colonels issued leather caps, short carbines with slings, linking head collars, and other items that became typical light dragoon accoutrements. The saddlery for the new light troops was a lightened version of standard dragoon equipment.

Much like light infantry companies wore cut down coats, the 1756 light dragoon saddle was a cut-down heavy dragoon saddle. There was considerable variety in 1756 light troop saddles, as each colonel carried this order out to his preference. Private and regimental saddlers cut the square skirts of the heavy dragoon saddles into the shape of civilian or jockey's saddles.

This saddle rides very much like the heavy dragoon saddle it was based off of, with a nice firm dressage seat. The savings in weight over the heavy dragoon is appreciable and this saddle excels when galloping cross-country and jumping.

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