Scarouady was an Oneida leader at Logstown. He was called Monacatuatha or Monakaduto by the Lenape and also was known as Half-King.
Scarouady was half-king, along with Tanacharison, over Iroquois and Iroquois allies in the Ohio-valley region. They both disliked the encroachment of the French into the area, and in 1753 Scarouady met with officials of Pennsylvania and Virginia to try and convince them to take action against the French. The situation was so bad that in 1754 Scarouady moved to Aughwick to escape the French.

Scarouady was a member of the Braddock expedition in 1755 and was one of eight Indians remaining with the expedition until Braddock's Defeat. His son was killed by the British in a case of mistaken identity. Braddock presided at the funeral.

Scarouady was a major orator and worked with the aid of William Johnson to keep the Shawnee and the Lenape on the side of the British in the French and Indian War.

On Braddock

He is now dead, but he was a bad man when he ws alive; he looked upon us as dogs, and would never hear anything that was said to him We often endeavored to advise him and to tell him of the dnger he was in with his soldiers; but he never appeared pleased with us; and that was the reason that a great many of our warriors left him and would not be under his command.


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